We aim to protect capital first and create long-term generation of wealth second.  While we cannot eliminate risk, we construct portfolios hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.


striking a balance

WhartonHill’s investment philosophy is predicated on a diversified, global approach to portfolio management.  We manage our portfolios with the goal of balancing both return and downside protection, ensuring that our clients are on track to meet their financial objectives while being careful not to exceed their risk tolerance.

success is not an overnight phenomenon

We emphasize taking a long-term view with our investment portfolios.  One’s financial objectives are not achieved over a day, week, or single year, but rather over decades .  We believe a steady hand is necessary for achieving long-term financial success, and we provide that to clients in both up and down markets.

conflict free

Our portfolios are constructed with only our client's best interests in mind.  Our investments are selected using unbiased research methodology; there is no brokerage “buy list” or a third party incentivizing us to use a particular investment.