At WhartonHill, we believe that the development of a definitive financial plan that is clearly aligned with the long-term financial goals of our clients is the basis for developing an appropriate asset allocation to achieve their desired outcomes.


Our process

We begin by spending time with our clients, developing a deep dialogue to understand exactly what they would like to achieve with their wealth.  For some, this means planning for retirement, thereby ensuring the lifestyle they have become accustomed to is maintained.  Others may have generational wealth transfer goals, or significant charitable intentions.  Regardless of our client's specific goals, a well-laid plan followed by consistent communication will ensure that our clients have the fortitude to maintain their investment program even in times of market duress.  

building wealth...and maintaining it

We help our clients define their long-term financial objectives and partner with them to reach those goals.  Our portfolios are constructed to evolve as our clients' needs do.  Investing for the future is not merely about reaching the destination, but making sure the journey there is marked by prudent decisions.  Protecting clients assets from downside risk is a key goal in each portfolio we build.

our view on risk

We think of risk as the biggest impediment to helping our clients achieve their long-term financial goals.  With this in mind, we structure our overall asset allocation in a manner most likely to achieve necessary cash flow and growth targets without taking undue risk to do so.  In short, the client tells us where they would like to go, and we plan the safest way for them to get there.